• Conference Room Signs

      Conference room signs or sliding door signs can be made to suit any design or colour scheme. We make them to order from durable plastic laminates, and can print full...

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    • Desk Stands

      We can produce desk stands to suit any design or budget – from traditional solid mahogany to more cost-efficient solutions that allow the name to be easily replaced. It is...

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    • Directory Boards

      Directory boards or Way-finding signs are often the first point of contact when arriving at a facility or organisation. These are used to list or summarise building occupants and are...

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    • Signage styles we can supply:

      • Room and office door signs, these can be adhesive or screw-mounted.
      • Interchangeable name plate signage, which has a space for a name to be easily and quickly changed. These are popular with medical, hospital and rest homes as the names of room users vary.
      • Meeting room signs with sliding panel to show availability.
      • Conference room signs that can show room in use / meeting in progress status.
      • Multi-name interchangable signs that are displayed to show the names of any staff on site – for use in medical centres, real estate offices, law firms and government departments.
      • Desk stands to formally and professionally identify staff in place or as well as a name badge.