Desk Stands

      • Folded Tent Stands

        Tent Stands are a more cost effective way to display information. Popular for large conferences or meetings with large amounts of unfamiliar faces, these signs come in a variety of finishes to match any design. Plain black or white backgrounds are available, as well as brushed metallic silver or gold. Tent stands can be laser engraved or printed in full colour to incorporate company logos and emblems.

      • Sliding Name Holders

        Sliding name holders are great for when names or information changes regularly. Made from a durable aluminium extrusion that can be securely fixed down if requried, the name ‘slat’ is able to be quickly and easily slid out and replaced. Sliding name holders have proven popular in Hotel receptions, displaying the Duty Manager behind bars and the name of frontline staff currently on shift. Name slats can be manufactured and dispatched in a matter of days.

      • Solid Wood Desk Stands

        Often regarded as the premium option, we can produce desk stands in solid Rimu or Mahogany to any size. Wooden stands such as this can be either printed in full colour, or laser engraved for a more contemporary look. Stands such as this can have text on both sides which gives the user an easy, professional way to display information such as whether available or busy.